Josie Grant

Josie is a bluegrass powerhouse, wowing audiences with dynamic, powerful singing and driving guitar playing. Fans describe her vocals as being "highly charged!", and her tone, expression and commanding performance style make her a standout among top bluegrass vocalists.  Equally compelling is her energetic and rhythmically dynamic guitar playing which forms the driving foundation for Rock Ridge. Originally from Southern CA, she fell in love with bluegrass in the 1990s and has performed with Hiway 99 and Borderline Bluegrass Bands in Northern California. Hailing now from the Willamette Valley in Oregon, Josie is also a professional portrait/food photographer and painter.

Rick Grant

Rick’s background is solidly founded in the traditions of old-time, classical, and gypsy jazz. He is a superbly talented multi-instrumentalist and vocalist playing rock solid mandolin and tasty fiddle with Rock Ridge. Together with Josie and Suzanne, his prodigious timing forms a bedrock of rhythm that is the core of Rock Ridge’s sound. His high-lonesome tenor singing matches perfectly with Josie and he delivers powerful goosebump rendering lead and harmony vocals and writes and arranges many of the songs for the band. Rick has been a well-known fixture in the California bluegrass scene, and he has lent his talents to popular groups including Mountain Laurel and Borderline Bluegrass Band.  Rick is a software engineer and operates a music recording studio where he has recorded much of the band's stellar recordings over the years.

Dale Adkins

Dale is a longtime Northwest legend who Flatpick Guitar Magazine states is: “really, really good, as in a major force!" As a part of Grammy nominee Kate MacKenzie's touring band, Dale performed across the U.S. and Europe in the 1990s. Other musical collaborations include guitar legend Dan Crary, John Reischman and the Jaybirds, Frontline, True North, and Leah Larson. With the release of “Alone in the Red Room,” Dale introduced a significant departure from high-energy bluegrass flatpicking, showing significant growth and sophistication in his playing. Dale is an instrumental wiz on guitar, banjo and mandolin. Dale is also the owner and engineer/producer of Big Owl Studios where he has recorded and produced acoustic recordings of beautiful, pure quality for musicians all over the US.

Suzanne Adkins

Suzanne has been a stately, rock-solid bassist and vocalist in many Northwest groups over the years. She has held down the beat for groups including True North, Knott Bros, McKenzie Crossing, and Adkins Family Band. She is a gifted vocalist and harmony singer in any configuration she joins. Suzanne is the Artistic Director for the Wheeler County Bluegrass Festival held annually in Fossil, OR and works alongside Dale Adkins as a record producer and engineer for Big Owl Studios, providing her own stamp to many bluegrass and acoustic recordings. Her other musical pursuits include serving on the current Board of Directors of Acoustic Sound (Wintergrass) and in the past on the Oregon Bluegrass Association Board.

Jon Schaffer

One of the founding members of Rock Ridge, Jon sings soulful lead and harmony vocals and keeps the band moving steady with his unrelenting sense of timing on the bass.  He is a gifted songwriter and musician and has contributed many original songs to the band including the title cut from Drifter's Prayer. Jon now lives in Billings, MT. and performs with Rock Ridge for CA festivals.

Hal Horn


Hal is a major force in the West Coast bluegrass scene with his tasteful and driving banjo playing and excellent singing.  He is a longtime member of Rock Ridge and has written several banjo tunes for the band. You may have enjoyed his playing and singing touring with Ron Spears & Within Tradition years back. He now lives in Fresno, CA and performs with Rock Ridge for CA festivals.